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GLOBAL SECURITYThe Global Security (GS) Program is home to a number of initiatives that address priority security challenges facing the United States, Europe, and Eurasia. Our programmatic initiatives foster innovation and cooperation that forms a long-lasting foundation for a new 21st Century security agenda, maximizes the potential for prosperity, and spreads free market-democratic values. High-level working groups – whose memberships are comprised of private sector leaders and public officials, including parliamentarians, experts and representatives of relevant international bodies – help to promote a truly global security dialogue on the most pressing 21st century security challenges, from international terrorism to the spread of infectious disease.

The EastWest Institute’s Worldwide Security Initiative is designed to help global leaders in the private and public sectors craft and implement policies that will protect citizens, while at the same time promote global economic activity and growth, and safeguard civil liberties. Working together with national governments, key international organizations such as the OECD, Financial Action Task Force, the European Commission, the World Bank, the International Chamber of Commerce, the World Customs Organization, as well as with major corporations such as Boeing and Entrust, EWI Worldwide Domestic Security Initiative is not only aimed at bridging the gap between globalization and domestic security, but also at creating a powerful platform inside a network of key international institutions that will give our proposed solutions a realistic chance of success.

The East West Institute’s NEAR Forum is designed to create a sustainable platform of cooperation of policy makers, policy experts and thought leaders from Europe, America and Russia. Its mission is to create a community of trust and understanding. Its major challenge is to mainstream the belief that if Russia, the U.S. and the EU work constructively together on issues of mutual interest, long term international peace, security and stability can be ensured. Online Casino Bonus Ohne Einzahlung The NEAR Forum’s conceptual framework runs on four tracks: creation of basic premises that will facilitate the building of a community of trust, working together in fragile regions, reassessing hard security threats and cooperation of socio-economic issues. To this extend we organise special targeted policy meetings, publish policy briefs and working papers and work on a daily basis with policy makers.


Date Title

[25-Jun-2018] Ukraine’s Future within the Newly Enlarged Europe – Key Policy Recommendations (Conference Report)

[03-Jun-2018] SECURING MOLDOVA’S PLACE IN EUROPE (Conference Report)


[14-Apr-2018] American, European and Russian cooperation on Post-Saddam Iraq (Conference Report)

[05-Mar-2018] Secure Borders: The European Experience – A Roundtable with Jonathan Faull (Roundtable Discussion Report)

[19-Feb-2018] A Public-Private Strategy for Enhancing Domestic Security Worldwide by John Edwin Mroz and Mark R. Shulman (Policy Briefs)

[22-Dec-2018] NEAR Brief: Popular support for President Putin is converted into parliamentary majority (Policy Briefs)

[11-Dec-2018] TOWARDS WORLDWIDE SECURITY – Detailed Conference Report (Conference Report)

[30-Oct-2018] On the frontline of an Epidemic. The Need for Urgency in Russia’s Fight Against Aids (Working Group Report)

[23-Sep-2018] NEAR Working Paper Series – Multilateralism and the Trilateral Partnership; Perceptions and Policies (Working Papers)

[23-Sep-2018] NEAR Working Paper Series – The Future of International Cooperation – Ways, Means and Limits – Russian Perspective (Working Papers)

[16-Sep-2018] On the Frontline of an Epidemic (Working Group Report)

[03-Sep-2018] NEAR Working Paper Series: Turkey at the Crossroads on Iraq (Working Papers)

[15-May-2018] Remarks of Leo Hindery, Jr. at First Meeting of US-Russia Working Group Against HIV/AIDS (Remarks & Transcripts)

[14-May-2018] Remarks of U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell to US-Russia Working Group Against HIV/AIDS (Remarks & Transcripts)

[05-May-2018] NEAR Working Paper Series: Addressing the Threat of Weapons of Mass Destruction (Working Papers)

[01-Apr-2018] American, European, and Russian Cooperation: Security and Defense in the 21st Century (Conference Report)

[19-Mar-2018] What Security Capabilities for the EU? (Reports)

[28-Feb-2018] Remarks of Leo Hindery, Jr. to EWI’s US-Russia Working Group Against HIV/AIDS (Remarks & Transcripts)

[28-Feb-2018] Remarks of the Honorable Mikhail Margelov to EWI’s US-Russia Working Group Against HIV/AIDS (Remarks & Transcripts)

[28-Feb-2018] Remarks of US Undersecretary of State Paula Dobriansky, “The Emerging Security Threat of HIV/AIDS: Russia” (Remarks & Transcripts)

[01-Dec-2018] Russia’s Maternal & Infant Health Crisis: Slot Online Socio-Economic Implications and the Path Forward (Policy Briefs)

[01-Dec-2018] Turkey’s Bold Step Into the Future: Will the EU Meet the Challenge? (Policy Briefs)

[18-Nov-2018] RRB no. 21 (RRB – Russian Regional Bulletin)

[01-Nov-2018] The Federal Option for Afghanistan (Policy Briefs)

[01-Aug-2018] The United States, Europe, and Russia: Toward a Global Energy Security Policy (Policy Briefs)

[01-Aug-2018] Transatlantic Energy Security and the Caspian Basin: Moving Towards a Common Agenda (Policy Briefs)

[01-Jul-2018] Reconceptualizing NATO (Policy Briefs)

[01-Jul-2018] Ukraine and the West: Policies for Progress (Policy Briefs)

[03-Jun-2018] Russia’s Southern Regions: Threats & Opportunities (Policy Briefs)

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